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About Us

     Boyd's Conversions LLC  began with Elisha and Bettee's desire to find the very best motorcoach for their personal RV use, including pulling a 3 car stacker trailer to the NHRA races.  The Boyds have been involved in racing for over 40 years and Elisha has owned and operated Boyd's Racing Engines since 1969.  Safety, convenience, comfort, and price were important items in their quest for a personal motorhome, and it had to be "people friendly" enough to support their extended family for 3-7 days at a racetrack without hookup accommodations. 
      After touring all the major conversion companies and examining their products in depth,  the Boyds felt that ShowHauler Truck Conversions  offered the best of everything they were looking for.  They ordered their first unit -  and sold it to an engine customer before they could get home with it.  When the same thing happened a second time,  the Boyds decided to become ShowHauler Dealers so they could help others enjoy the high quality construction and interior elegance of a ShowHauler motorhome.  Since that time, they have helped dozens of people plan and purchase the motorhome, garage unit, or totorhome of their dreams.  The Boyd's are truly "hands-on" dealers who love to work closely with their customers both before and after the sale.  The proof of that has come in the repeat customers Boyd's Conversions has had even in the short time we have been in business.  Word of mouth of their excellent service to customers has also increased business greatly.
      Recently more family members have become associated with the business:   Trevor and Christy Boyd are active in all facets of the business, and Brad and Amber McJunkin are handling the website and other technology issues.  Boyd's Conversions LLC is ready for the next generation!



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